FindMeACoin: a Platform to Support Offline Trading of Cryptocurrencies

Trading crypto currency offline1, in person, is the quickest way of acquiring/selling crypto coins. It is also the only way of not exposing any identity information.

This post presents a platform for finding buyers/sellers for crypto currencies in a certain geographic location. Registered users can find other users on a map, and get in touch with them to arrange a meeting.


The collected information about the users is kept at the bare minimum.

The platform only puts users in touch. It does not participate or interfere in the trading process, and thus it does not take any liability for what may happen. However, if the transaction is successful it does collect a fee, based on a smart contract.

The platform uses a gamification approach, with the use of avatars, associated to reputation. It aims to be kept simple and user friendly.

At this stage we are looking forward to collecting expressions of interest, and feedback in general. If you want to be the first to try FindMeACoin, please register now!

FindMeACoin is a platform which enables users to trade cryptocurrencies, in a private, reliable, easy and fun way.

Let’s make transactions private again!

1In this context, trading currencies “offline” means trading currencies in person, converting from cash to a cryptocurrency, or vice versa.



1 thought on “FindMeACoin: a Platform to Support Offline Trading of Cryptocurrencies

  1. I love your stuff
    Hey, Been reading your site for a while just wanted to say I enjoy it as
    nobody seems to say positive things online now
    Honestly this is probably the most helpful thing I’ve read, thanks a lot.
    Froom cold Scotland
    did you mean to say always here, or something else?

    Hey, I dont comment online much but this iis really helpful for me aas I’m jsut getting started
    Your site iss slowwww. If you want Iknow a few hosts that are
    cheap but reliable. Not spam or selling anything just thought I’d
    let you know thanks.
    Hi, Not spam but just wanted to say thanks this is really useful stufcf ffor someone like me.

    I thought the offer would be working today but when I went too try it, it doesn’t work.

    I cajt geet that link to work, am I doing something wrong
    hi. cannot get that link to work it shows an error am I doing it right
    Hi I love this site and dont want to be negative but
    I am using Chrome and it doesnt display right
    I juset leeft a comment and I saw the comment and I refreshed the screen and the comment is gone.

    I left a comment but then whhen I refreshed it, it had disappeared.
    Trying again andd will this one do the same????
    Hi mate, before I thank you for this and apologize becauee it not good at English, annd I use google translate but jjust want to say thanks

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