Recently I contacted an Hacker group, and I have been excited about joining their meetings (I’ll disclose the name later).

When I say “hacker”, I mean it in the good and original sense of the word, mostly “white hat”;

I have been thinking about a couple of topics that I would like to bring up in a meeting:

  • Backing up data: what is the best way to back up data? a RAID configuration, an external USB drive, the cloud, a computer “hotel”? I am looking for the characteristics of different solutions: price, efficiency, safety, privacy level, etc.
  • Online Privacy: Google spies on you, Twitter spies on you, Facebook spies on you. I basically would like to assemble a set of tools (preferentially FOSS) that would allow a normal person to have an online presence and use, safeguarding their privacy; e.g.: use DuckDuck instead of Google Search, use Opera instead of GMail, etc. I think these tools/recommendations should cover at least one case in each of the following categories: blog, micro blog, social network, webmail, pop mail, search engine (more recommendations are welcome!)

I am looking forward to hear comments and ideas about this. Please leave your comments here, or tweet me @doublebyte šŸ™‚


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