I decided to post my questions and doubts regarding the setup of an AGILE team on the agile-spain-barcelona mailing list, and I got some really interesting suggestions.

As for the team members, there should be one product owner with a real decisive power, one SCRUM Master, as many stakeholders as possible (this is important!) and 4-9 programmers. This is important, because if we have a pyramidal structure, where the programmers are on top, there is a lot of feedback and ideas, but no one to implement them!

Someone also mentioned that having a team of 3 people, will result in an absence of 33%, in the case that somebody gets a cold.

I particularly like the suggestion of having a small team working for various “micro-projects”, and an efficient backlog to manage them, rather than the “traditional” approach of having one person for each project.

In summary, it seems that 5 is the minimum number of people in an AGILE team:

– 1 product owner

– 1 SCRUM master (that may replace the team lead)

– 3 developers

(and then all the supporting cast, including stakeholders)

To this we also need to add the testers (1-2)

We have a team! 🙂

P.S.: Thank you very much to all the people that posted replies to my answers, various comments and links in the agile-spain-barcelona mailing list!

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